We have been a removals company for 5 generations.

Spostiamo ricordi e oggetti preziosi nel mondo.

We help people who, for work, love or family reasons, are relocating in Italy or overseas. We specialise in intercontinental moves: if you are going to North America, South America, Asia, Africa or Australia we will go with you, helping you to take everything you want.

About Us

Moved from Rome (Italy) to Balzan (Malta).
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I've always been fine. Serious and professional. Specialized staff especially for long distances. Perfect packaging, everything arrived at its destination in excellent condition. This is the third time I have taken advantage of it, and I do not think there is any need to say anything more.
Tiziana Polo
Moved from Treviso (Italy) to Halifax (Canada).
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A trusted company that has accompanied us in this company of ours moment by moment I thank all the staff but in particular Mrs. [name removed from Sirelo] who with so much patience and professionalism followed us the container left on time and arrived on time as in agreements everything went well thanks to the Steen company
Moved from Rome (Italy) to Lisbon (Portugal).
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High professionalism and organization. everything has been managed intelligently, overcoming every obstacle that inevitably arises during complex operations such as an international move. Competent and very polite staff
Moved from Rome (Italy) to St Paul Bay (Malta).
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I confirm the main reason for my choice, which was then reflected in the subsequent phases of the organization of the move indeed, I also add the punctuality in respecting the appointments made ...
Moved from Volkertshausen (Germany) to Grosseto (Italy).
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Punctuality, kindness, accurate information from the office. Excellent materials, professionalism and scrupulous attention of operators.
Moved from Rome (Italy) to Boston (United States of America).
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They arrived promptly! The men who wrapped and crated were kind and ultra professional. The company they worked with in Boston were similarly very professional and prompt. I would definitely recommend them.
Moved from Arpino (Italy) to Santo André (Brazil).
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They were competent from the start of the contacts to accompany the documentation for the move. For the competence of their staff who have carried out the move.
Moved from Rome (Italy) to Halifax (Canada).
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They followed my move from start to finish with great professional skills. Perfect packaging and loading. Unloading at your destination is accommodation of the furniture. The delivery arrived on schedule even with transport by sea and customs.
Alessandro Parrinello
Moved from Shanghai (China) to Rome (Italy).
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The professionalism demonstrated at every stage of the service and the kindness of the staff are the basis of my judgment. I am more than satisfied with the performance and I expect to lean even in the first place to this freight forwarder.
Moved from Rome (Italy) to Palermo (Italy).
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The service was great, fast, punctual and efficient. The load arrived on the agreed date and the boxes were packed perfectly.

Why choose us?

Simply because we want to take care of you.

We want

you to move to a new home, even one 10,000 km from where you now live, without all the trauma and stress normally associated with such a move.

We want

the items you wish to take with you to arrive on time and undamaged, whether it be a musical instrument or your treasured golf clubs.

We want

your furniture, household items or valuables to be stored safely for all the time needed between one move and another.

We want

your precious documents to be stored in a secure, dry and protected place.


We care about your health and the health of our staff. All assembly, disassembly and packaging operations are performed in full compliance with anti-COVID rules. During these operations all staff use gloves, face mask and hand sanitisers and keep their distance. All means of transport, equipment and uniforms are regularly sanitised before each service.

Insured, no worries

Any move entails risk. We do all in our power to minimise problems, but this is not enough. We really want you to experience all stages of the move - dismantling, handling and re-assembly of your furniture – in as relaxed a manner as possible. To ensure this, every move is insured with the best policies and broadest coverage available on the market. Safekeeping and archiving services have special insurance coverage that gives you the serenity you deserve, even while your assets are… stationary!


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