When you have to relocate sometimes things don't go exactly as planned. Perhaps you have sold your old place, and are waiting for the keys to your new home. Or perhaps you are waiting to be transferred overseas, or you have still not found a suitable place.

We know all about these things: every day we help people and families to get through difficult moments such as moving abroad or to another city.

Every move is a minor trauma, and unforeseen events are just around the corner. How can we help you?

We can keep your furniture, valuables and household items in a safe, dry, manned and insured place. Our security system has direct links to law enforcement agencies, to give you an even greater peace of mind.

We will deliver your belongings when everything is ready.

If you don't have to move, but are renovating your home and need somewhere to put your stuff, we can keep your furniture in our temporary warehouse.

We will come and collect your furniture, carefully pack it up and keep it in our storage units. Even if you don't move an inch, it is still a small move of sorts.

No one is better than us at taking care of your items while you are sorting out your home.

Discover our temporary warehousing/storage service

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