An item does not have to be cumbersome to be of value. It may be a musical instrument you have had since childhood, a collection you have had for years, a racing bike, table or bed linen given to you by your grandmother, or simply your favourite surfboard.

Whatever the item, we will get it to you wherever you are in the world.

Some traditional shippers do not accept fragile items, but we have been doing this job for 5 generations: who better than us to know how to send an item safely to the other side of the world?

Big, uncomfortable and fragile?

It doesn't scare us.

We transport pianos, organs, batteries and any bulky and fragile musical instrument. We know how to distribute its weight during travel in respect of the acoustic harmony of the instrument.

If your move is temporary, if you have to work abroad for a while, if you have a small apartment and only need to take some items, contact us to find out more.

Yes, I have to send valuables

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