The excellence of long-distance moves, wherever you travel to in the world.

Whatever your next destination, be it Singapore, Miami or Dubai, you can rely on our experience spanning more than 100 years as an intercontinental mover.

Intercontinental relocations are much more demanding than international moves. Long-haul moves present bigger hurdles and difficulties than any other type of move.

Are you planning to move abroad?

Get in touch with us, we will help you to plan your move by sea or air. We always choose the best way of saving time and reducing the stress associated with the move.

If you need to store your furniture somewhere, we can keep it in our warehouse until everything is ready for your move abroad.


Virtual visit

Contact us, we will be pleased to remotely examine your premises. You will be able to show us the items and furniture you want to take with you. An initial online contact will help us to draw up our best custom offer for you. Would you prefer to meet in person? We can fix a visit, free of charge! (link to contact form)

The time to disassemble

We will fix a day and a time, and our team of removal experts will come to your home to sort everything out. We will see to packaging, loading and unloading items.

The Move Coordinator is your ally

The Move Coordinator is the contact person for your move. He/She will take care of every detail, including: customs clearance, local regulations, insurance, all other necessary documents, collection times and delivery of items.

We store your items for safekeeping

Your possessions will be safe and sound in our warehouse until the time comes to transport them to your new destination.

We are with you right to the end

Our partners - carefully selected, qualified and tested - will deliver all your items to you, check that all packs have arrived, reassemble and arrange your furniture according to your instructions.

Are you ready to go? Call us to organise your move

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