Transport removals - Quote from Marco Righetti

Moving home is very stressful. It is a journey to a new life. We want to be with you every step of the way, making it a lighter and more carefree experience.

We want to take care of all the details and all the tasks. Discover our services, which make the difference between an ordinary move and an excellent move in Italy and overseas.

Superior packaging

Nothing is left to chance, not even the final teacup. We treat each item as if it were ours, and protect it in sturdy packaging ready to take on any challenge.

Whatever needs to be packed up - furniture, clothes, even your LP collection - we have the right packaging. We guarantee the utmost protection for your items, even for intercontinental moves using diverse means of transport.


We do what we say, and keep to deadlines. 

We make careful plans for every move, from disassembly to delivery. We come to your home at the established day and time, with no last-minute surprises. With five generations of movers going around the world, over time we have forged a network of super-reliable partners. Our colleagues from Sydney to New York take delivery of your items, take them to their destination and, if necessary, reassemble them to their original state.


Each item is numbered, and contents are tracked on the packing list. 

We follow your items everywhere in Italy and overseas, via road, sea, air, rail or different transport systems. We always know where they are, and can tell you their exact location at any point in time.


Do you need to talk to us? We have a line that is always open, where you can contact us for emergencies. You can always get in touch with us, especially when your belongings are in transit to their final destination.

The team

We are a team of ‘problem solvers’, trained to come up with solutions every day to deal with the most unbelievable difficulties, simply because we have been moving every day for over 100 years. We handle customs clearance, local red tape, assembly and disassembly operations and packaging, and will keep you informed about delivery every step of the way. You will be opening your house door only to qualified, polite staff wearing a uniform and with years of removal experience.

First Class

The First Class service includes a Move Coordinator who follows you from the beginning to the end of the move. The Move Coordinator is aware of all your wishes, works to remove every obstacle between you and your destination and can be contacted at all times for any need.

The First Class service is a superior removal service, including the preliminary visit, on-site supervision of all tasks and final cleaning of premises.

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